To develop Philips Healthcare.

To develop Philips Healthcare , together with CR Bard and Hansen and integrate technologies the most advanced the most advanced systems to meet the needs of electrophysiologists, help shorten procedure and gain detailed visualizations for interventions.

In particular, Philips and Bard Electrophysiology Division are jointly developing ways to image guidance with mapping and analysis of complex arrhythmias integrate. At HRS, Philips and Bard will show the first result of this collaboration a second – generation mapping, recording and navigation system, based on the EP recorder and X-ray system, the main instruments of the electrophysiologist.Adjusted for conventional risk factors humans had with an Parent Of who had a stroke at the age from 65 twice a the risk of that one in any age and four times the risk of of 65. – The study shows to parental parental strokes at the age of performance powerful risk of factor for stroke in the offspring , Sudha Seshadri, says lead author of at which research. We believe Seventy-four history of stroke with others risk factors for stroke in forecasting a person’s risk for stroke should be involved. .

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