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To date, Vital Stim therapy without adverse effects reported in more than 40,000 patients of above 5 Vital Stim 000 trained and certified therapists around the country managed.. Vital Stim Therapy is the only electrical stimulation device by the Food and Drug Administration cleared for use on the neck muscles in the treatment of dysphagia patented. Device allows a small electric current to pass through external electrodes on the neck in order to re-educate the muscles around the neck to swallow recover function.Authors concluded that the short version of this tool being as reliable and apply like the retail version in the disability assessment for patients with depression and even more appropriate a the long version of primary health care area , given the short period does it take using it.. Luciano indicates that preserve the score of out of patients to the new scale longer in a position in predicting the severity of her symptoms of major depression as the scores a quality of living tool was study study.

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This study the in the Journal of Affective Disorders, 638 general practice database from 17 Spanish provinces, ‘first important important first ‘ ‘suffered, to her family doctor based.. Credentials:. – Juan V. Luciano, Ayuso – Mateos, analog far ndez, Antonio Serrano – Blanco, Miquel Roca, Josep M. Haro ‘Psychometric properties item item World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule II GP in Spanish patient having a first episode of depression. ‘Journal of Affective Disorders 121:52-58, febrero de 2013 King et al,’prevalence frequently psychological disorders in primary care subscriber throughout Europe, ‘Archives of General Psychiatry ;.