Indiana University Pervasive Technologies Institute.

Barnett, Indiana University Pervasive Technologies Institute, described the project at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver, BC His lecture was part of a panel HUBzero, an open source software platform from Purdue University scientists created, scientists to researchers to use and share research tools, presentations and insights. The panel also included:.

Programs for Collaboration – Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute HUBAt a time when medical research increasingly requires the cooperation of a large number of persons employed, the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute HUB a model for the use of modern information technology to link researchers, health care providers, community partners and others for the purpose of speeding up the clinical and translational research.High cholesterol is a major risk factor of coronary heart diseases, non-human primates blood. According to the World Health Organization, a high cholesterol level be an estimated 18 percent of strokes and 56 of percent of heart disease, globally and amounts to about 4.4 million mortality and 40 disability – adjusted life years leading . – Santaris Pharma A / S preclinical data on SPC5001 at the PCSK9 Conference ‘From genes to drugs ‘in Nantes, France presented, where many of the top pharma companies gained to devise efforts to treatment to an inhibition of major new target PCSK9 debate discuss one protein participated in regulation of LDL or ‘bad’cholesterol in the blood.

To society R & D activity focus on infectious diseases and metabolic disorders, while partnership with a large pharmaceutical companies includes a range of therapeutic areas such as cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases, and rare genetic diseases. The company has strategic partnership with Enzon Pharmaceuticals in, Glaxo SmithKline, Pfizer and Shire plc. Announced that it has its wide patent portfolio, the company holds the exclusive worldwide rights to any therapeutic uses of LNA. Santaris Pharma A / southeast was formed in 2003, located established Denmark having offices in the United States..