And show a need for more to ensure to ensure patients receive the best possible care ed medicine.

– Emergency Medicine – Trauma – Critical Care – Acute Medicine – Pediatrics – ObstetricsThe BMA report cites a number of recent influential publications3 show that one clear link between consultant care and quality, and show a need for more to ensure to ensure patients receive the best possible care ed medicine . Forced current financial pressures and short-term planning, many NHS Trusts hinder artificially freeze consultant recruitment and this will begin to improve quality of care, the report said. – Dr Jonathan Fielden, chairman of the BMA’s consultants ‘ committee said: Installation confirm evidence that consultants bring the highest quality care hospital patients Consultants are the most senior and highly qualified doctors at the hospital the leadership the leadership and innovation. Pioneer and promote new treatments and models of care for patients less complications, for many years.detection and lower mortality rates are associated based consultant services. The recent freeze on consultant recruitment has left the UK behind its highly qualified physicians as the NHS in better financial health we would require NHS trusts to expand the number of consultant posts, in their hospitals in their hospitals around the patient. The patient the highest quality of care, many fully trained doctors who are willing to have a consultant position, are waiting for for posts when they become available.

I very much hope that the Government will be able support for our support to our campaign, and I would like to discuss further with you and your officers. I’ve contacted NHS Employers and the Foundation Trust Network on progress of this problem at the local level. Best wishes.

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