Head of Research.

Researchers presented their findings at the American Association for Cancer Research at a meeting in Seattle.Nihal Ahmad, Head of Research, Wisconsin University, said: . This natural compound may protect skin from cells that acquire the genetic damage UV radiation UV radiation from advancing toward cancer .

He found that cells sanguinarine sanguinarine were 49 – 66 percent more likely after to die exposure to UV-B radiation.Sanguinarine is commonly used to treat gingivitis .Sex to gender differences in hosts ExploitSome disease-causing parasites are known to one sex over the other prefer their host plants, and such gender differences are attributed generally to differences in immune responses or behaviors. But in a new article, published February 28 in the Journal of the online open-access journal PLoS Biology, David Duneau of Cornell University and Dieter Ebert of the University of Basel before now that all types of properties between the sexes can affect different host species is a parasite adaptation..Is believed that telemedicine be lead to improved control of blood sugar levels and thus better pregnancy and childbirth. Valerie Whiteman, assistant professor of of Obstetrics and Gynecology, has the project co-investigator.

Is telehealth, primarily through the Internet, bring this process easier and more effective? More importantly, the telemedicine in the administration pregnancy diabetes preventing overgrowth of the fetus? These questions form the nuclear a new project from Carol Homko, Assistant Referee research professor Temple University School of Medicine, and supported by a project grant carried out by National Institute of Health.

All women should have regular screening for cancer, wrote by Jemal. ‘In If breast is captured early, the five-year survival rates of 98 % but when you catch it late the survival rate of is only 24 %,’he added.