AMP proposes new.

To a PDF of this article download, visit: To view other AMP position statements and letters, visit:.. AMP proposes new, service-oriented terminology for high quality laboratory testing Proposes new, service-oriented terminology – – Laboratory Developed Methods The Association for Molecular Pathology released a particular article in the January 2014 issue of the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics titled Revisiting Oversight and Regulation of Molecular-Based Laboratory-Developed Tests . This article was authored by the Laboratory Made Tests Working Group of the AMP Professional Relations Committee. The article serves as a re-affirmation of AMP's continued assertion that the CLIA system, in combination with laboratory accreditation applications and professional certification, provides a rigorous and flexible framework for ensuring high quality laboratory testing in the United States, said Elaine Lyon, PhD, AMP President.Hospitals are fighting hard in order to maintain current levels of care, let by itself being able to make even more cuts to waiting times.’ The BMA is concerned that trusts would like to save lots of money by cutting funding for training and general public health: Dr Jo Hilborne, Chairman of the BMA’s Junior Doctors Committee, adds: ‘Schooling and education are more and more getting targeted for NHS cuts. In the united states doctors are being told that they can’t continue essential classes because their trusts can’t afford it. If indeed they keep on adopting this short-sighted strategy there’s a threat of long-term compromise to patient care.’.. Abbott, Biogen Idec announce additional results from daclizumab HYP Phase 2b trial for RRMS Today Biogen Idec and Abbott announced additional outcomes from the SELECT Phase 2b trial, the to begin two registrational studies designed to evaluate the investigational substance daclizumab high-yield process in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis .