As has been shown previously.

ALS risk lower among alcohol customers markedly A population-based case-control research of the rare but devastating neurological disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis shows that the chance of such disease is increased among smokers, as has been shown previously. However, surprisingly, the risk of ALS was found to be lower among consumers of alcohol than among abstainers markedly. Forum reviewers thought that this was a important and well-done paper, as it is certainly a population-based evaluation, with almost 500 instances of ALS, a very large number of cases for this rare disease. They were especially struck by the magnitude of the difference in threat of ALS between alcoholic beverages consumers and never drinkers: the risk among drinkers was about one half that of nondrinkers.The editorial continues on to state that perhaps the time has come for the pharmacy occupation to build up a nationally recognized qualification or other credential to validate the experience in the practice of sterile compounding. For even more on AJHP, including links to interviews with authors, ahead-of-print content articles, and current issue articles, click here or get in touch with Jocelyn Milford at .. AbilTo completes Series A financing to expand proprietary applications and technology platform AbilTo, Inc., a company that delivers established behavioral health programs to greatly help adults overcome slight and moderate depression connected with major medical events, announced today the completion of a $3 million circular of Series A financing to fund the expansion of the Company's proprietary programs and technology platform.