Including the cost of medicines and treatment are linked

ASCO patient handbook contains: – A list of questions that patients may their doctors about health care issues, including the cost of medicines and treatment are linked, doctor visits, and related expenses such as transportation, other living expenses and long-term care .

Recent research shows that the costs of cancer care is of of 15 % a year – nearly three times higher than the increase in total health care costs in the country. Moreover, the latest cancer drugs cost thousands of dollars per month of treatment, and many families report problems paying their medical bills cancer. ‘Our goal as doctors is to our patients with the best possible medicine to to provide the best science available But the costs of care are beginning to the the exam room and influence doctors to treatment decisions that we and our patients, ‘said Richard L. Schilsky, ASCO president and professor of medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center. ‘Helping and navigate their patients, the difficult and often emotional issues surrounding the cost of cancer treatment is a top priority for ASCO.

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