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‘Our literature survey concluded that calculating circulating tumor cell burden in metastatic breasts and prostate malignancy has recently crossed a prognostic threshold for clinical utility. That's as to why the FDA cleared a device for this purpose. It's likely that other analytes, like circulating tumor DNA, will meet up with this threshold in the next few years,’ said first author, Bert Gold, PhD, National Cancer Institute. In general, the idea is supported by the article that this kind of diagnostic screening in and of itself allows for earlier diagnosis, faster and even more targeted treatment, reduced costs, and increased standard of living and increased lifespan for the patient even.The treatment, known as pre-exposure prophylaxis , is quite effective at preventing fresh HIV infections and should be added to the HIV prevention toolkit for gay men vulnerable to HIV infection, British researchers reported in the Sept. 9 problem of The Lancet. Previous studies have shown that Truvada can decrease the risk of HIV infection. But it was unclear if the advantages of this preventive treatment will be offset by an increase in dangerous behavior among those who believed the medication secured them from the virus, the study authors explained in a journal news release.