Allied Healthcare reports net income of $60.

Allied Healthcare reports net income of $60,000 for quarter ending March 31, 2011 With tight budgets continuing to constrain its health care markets, Allied Healthcare Products reported a modest profit in the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2011 and further improvement in its year-over-year performance. Net gain for the quarter closing March 31, was about $60,000, or 1 cent per simple and diluted share, in comparison to $37,000, or zero cents per share, for the prior year’s quarter.Piette and his co-workers say their findings claim that changes in prescription drug benefit policites will affect patients differently depending on their unique medical problems and possibly their demographic characteristics aswell. The data add to a growing list of findings on cost-related prescription medication skimping which have been published by the same group of researchers within the last few months. And in June, they released the 1st long-term proof that skimping on medicines due to cost can result in adverse wellness outcomes for chronically ill individuals. In February, they reported that diabetes patients who forgo medication due to cost pressures have even worse blood glucose control, symptoms and physical functioning.