Accuray announces enhanced Gemstone service program for CyberKnife customers Accuray Incorporated.

Because the customer care, upgrade choices and consulting services are included in the Diamond Plus agreement, a medical center can now plan for the cost of potential future upgrades or business predictably, training and operational requirements. This not only has an effective budgeting mechanism but also an extremely cost effective route to keeping on the cutting edge and providing the best possible care for patients. ‘The Diamond Plus service plan reinforces a sustained partnership between the CyberKnife consumer community and Accuray. It enables our clients to maximize their return from a business and operational perspective and helps to keep their expense on the cutting-edge with access to the most recent technology advancements,’ stated Euan S.5 years in 60 percent of the individuals tested. This finding contrasts with the consistent observation of JC virus in urine in only one third of individuals in cross-sectional studies10-13 and the observation that the regularity of JC viruria isn’t increased in the placing of immunosuppression as well as PML.13 Furthermore, significantly less than 5 percent of immunocompetent people and sufferers with multiple sclerosis who aren’t treated with natalizumab possess detectable JC virus DNA within their blood.13,14 Therefore, the frequency of JC viremia reached in our individuals with multiple sclerosis who were treated with natalizumab was greater than that observed in individuals infected with HIV and similar only to that seen in patients with PML.13 JC virus DNA was detected more in PBMC samples than in plasma samples frequently.