50 percent of bushfires deliberate and due to school boys By Dr.

If we’re going to look at stopping fires or stopping these uncontrolled ignitions, it’s the arson end of the spectrum that is the controllable end.’ Dr Janet Stanley of Monash University says, ‘It’s quite unusual in some methods why Australia hasn’t place more financing into understanding what is essentially the most costly criminal offense in Australia,’ she said. ‘It has so many profound impacts on people. And if we could solve and decrease this considerably a large amount of the distress that’s due to bushfires would be lessened.’ Experts jointly put their heads Today is hoping to come up with ground-breaking plans to lessen bushfire arson A meeting starting in Melbourne.The analysis team first looked for signs of Ebola in semen samples obtained from nine Sierra Leone patients through the three months following their onset of symptoms. Ebola was within 100 % of those samples. Another 40 men were tested four to six months later, and 65 % of these semen samples tested positive. The most recent group of 43 guys were examined between seven and nine weeks after sign onset, and 26 % had Ebola within their semen, the investigators discovered.