Current treatments involve anti-inflammatory drugs but these.

Turmeric and Acupuncture could be viable treatment plans for arthritis sufferers People who have problems with osteoarthritis as a rule find it has to varying degrees a direct effect on the mobility and standard of living. Current treatments involve anti-inflammatory drugs but these, though effective in dealing with the pain, carry a number of unwanted side effects particularly when taken over long periods. Now two new studies are saying there are possibly other options. A group of German researchers have conducted a report into the benefit of acupuncture with patients suffering from chronic pain due to OA of the knee or the hip plus they have found that a combined mix of acupuncture and conventional medication can enhance the patients quality of life.* They don’t really sue their employers. * They don’t sexually harass other employees. * They don’t suddenly quit and leave you short-handed. Essentially, all the issues that typify low-wage workers do not exist with robots. The primary drawback with robots is usually their enormous up-front costs and ongoing maintenance costs. These will become high initially extremely, but they will plummet as robot manufacturing achieves economies of level rapidly.