12 good examples that prove the average American is usually insane actually What is insanity?

8. You under perform on the working job and think that you deserve more out of your employer.Under functionality is rampant in the current workplace. Those that underperform are delusional about themselves chronically. They may think working hard isn’t worth it since there is no reward . They may justify it by blaming poor management . They could say they’ll work harder if they were paid even more . 9. A tortured woman stays with the person who mistreats her.A woman who just wants to be treated with respect chooses males who offer no respect. She may believe she can change him . She might inform herself she has a right to be abused . She may insist that all men are scum anyhow . 10. Someone who feels momentarily happy is convinced that poor news is just around the corner and thus abandons the happy state.Some people actually feel unsafe when they are happy.The body’s immune system involves the white bloodstream cells, which generate antibodies.When your body is subjected to an antigen , a complex set of reactions begins.The white blood cells produce an antibody specific to that antigen. This is called sensitization. The job of the antibodies is to help white blood cells detect and destroy substances that trigger disease and sickness. In allergies, the antibody is one of the class of immunoglobulins referred to as immunoglobulin IgE or E.