The private plan component of Medicare More information here.

AMA and AHIP start health care TV ads America’s Health Insurance Programs and the American Medical Association launch new television advertisements on health care More information here . The aim of the AHIP advertisement campaign is usually ‘[t]o convince seniors they’d be losers under the legislation – in huge part due to a proposal to cut obligations to Medicare Advantage, the private plan component of Medicare,’ Kaiser Wellness News reports. Seniors, the advertisement says, could possibly be forced to stop ‘more than their fair share’ to help purchase reform. In the mean time, the AMA ‘is launching a coast-to-coast TV ad campaign to press Congress to approve higher obligations for doctors treating Medicare individuals,’ The Associated Press reports.

‘Clinicians still have to individualize treatment and consider the clinical context of the migraine strike. An outpatient with well-controlled episodic migraine may respond differently than somebody with chronic migraine or an individual in the emergency room. This assessment does not provide assistance for long-term migraine management including problems such as adverse occasions and medication-overuse headache.’ The researchers conducted a systematic review of scientific trials on the efficacy of severe migraine remedies vs. Placebo, published in medical journals between 1998 and 2013. Two study authors reviewed each research abstract recognized in a formal literature search, and determined if the full manuscript certified for review.