Canadas only supervised safe and sound injection site in Vancouver.

A cost-performance analysis of Canada’s supervised injection site A cost-effectiveness analysis of Insite, Canada’s only supervised safe and sound injection site in Vancouver, concludes that it results in $14 million in savings and health benefits of 920 life-years over a decade. The analysis . Thus, Insite is nearly certainly cost-saving to Canadian society.To place it in context, the average size woman would need to drink anywhere between seven and nine beverages per hour to attain a BAC of 0.26, as the average man would need to drink between 10 and 12 drinks. This study provides the first empirical proof that 21st birthday drinking is normally a pervasive custom where binge drinking may be the norm, said Patricia C. Rutledge, PhD, the study’s lead writer. This research should serve as proof that there must be more open public education about the dangers of 21st birthday binge drinking.