A day with a particular tie to anesthesiology.

ASA encourages spreading awareness approximately Doctors Day 2010 The American Society of Anesthesiologists joins communities across the United States today to recognize Doctors Day 2010, a day with a particular tie to anesthesiology. While physicians in every specialties are honored, Doctors Day time was first seen in recognition of the efforts of one physician whose endeavors relate specifically to the specialty of anesthesiology men last longer . Doctors Time marks the day that Crawford W. Long, M.D., of Jefferson, GA, administered the first ether anesthetic for surgery on March 30, 1842.

ARVO to host demonstration of results from two clinical trials on neovascular AMD Particular session at the 2012 ARVO Annual Meeting ARVO is definitely very happy to host a presentation of the one-year results from the U.K.’s Inhibition of VEGF in Age-related Choroidal Neovascularisation research and the two-year results of the Comparison of Age-related Macular Degeneration Remedies Trials trial. Both of these multicenter randomized scientific trials, sponsored by the National Institute of Wellness Research in the United Kingdom and the National Eye Institute, respectively, evaluate the relative efficacy and security of Lucentis and Avastin in the management of neovascular age-related macular degeneration . The presentation may also live-streamed at While annual meeting registration is necessary for the session in Fort Lauderdale, the web is event is definitely free.