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African-American seniors who have trouble falling are in higher threat of having memory problems asleep A landmark study led by NEW YORK State University researchers shows that African-American seniors who’ve trouble falling asleep are at higher risk of having memory complications – raising the possibility that identifying and treating rest difficulties in the elderly can help preserve their cognitive functioning. The study may be the initial to examine the hyperlink between rest and cognitive functioning in older African-Americans ed help . The study, led by NC State psychology Ph.D. Pupil Alyssa A.

‘Disparities’ implies that there are adverse effects to one group because of the differences. While it has broadly been touted there are disparities between whites and blacks in coronary attack treatment and outcomes, this is the first study to show it really,’ Dr. Spertus said. Dr. Spertus noted that this study was predicated on patients seen at only two centers in Kansas Town, Mo. He said comparable studies should be done in additional configurations. Rita F. Redberg, M.D., M.S.C., F.A.C.C., from the University of California in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA wrote an editorial in the journal on the subject of differences in cardiac treatment associated with race which were reported by Spertus et al., and also gender variations reported in another article by Anand et al.