Today to fight against proposals with arbitrary limits AARP announced a fresh campaign.

AARP launches campaign to preserve health and retirement security of older Americans With the national debate warming up on raising the debt ceiling, Today to fight against proposals with arbitrary limits AARP announced a fresh campaign, caps or triggers that would result in harmful cuts to critical Social Security and Medicare benefits that an incredible number of Americans have earned through a lifetime of hard work. The campaign, with a multi-million dollar national advertising routine, grassroots and online actions, will engage AARP people and the general public around the potential impact that such proposals could possess on current and long term generations, and cause them to become contact their associates of Congress to oppose harmful cuts to Public Medicare and Security .

$1.5 billion Idaho receives in federal matching funds for Medicaid, the loss of that could mean the elimination of a large number of health care jobs in Idaho. 215,000 Medicaid enrollees, with the increased loss of federal matching funds they might have no choice but from the scheduled system, leaving: Idaho to supply the services at a great financial burden; hospitals with soaring er admissions; and state occupants to bear the cost of uncompensated care in the form of increased insurance premiums.. AARP commends lawmakers for their opposition to healthcare nullification bill Averting a disastrous piece of legislation potentially, a majority of Idaho Senators upon the Condition Affairs Committee got a bold stand and voted down a measure to nullify the federal government healthcare legislation in Idaho.