Alere declares money dividend of $3.

Alere declares money dividend of $3.00 per share Alere Inc. , a worldwide leader in enabling individuals to take charge of their wellness in the home through the merger of rapid diagnostics and health administration, has declared a money dividend of $3.00 per share on its Series B Convertible Perpetual Preferred Stock .The TSA has decided that YOU may be a terrorist, and they’re likely to violate your Constitutional privileges at every opportunity while demeaning you in the process. Your Fourth Amendment rights are violated before each flightDoes anybody also remember the 4th Amendment nowadays? I’m ready to bet the common TSA employee doesn’t even know what the Expenses of Rights is normally. Protecting the Constitutional privileges of air travelers isn’t actually in the job description of TSA employees. Their job is usually to intimidate people into compliance with a police state agenda – – and to follow orders even if those orders contradict the Constitutional rights of Americans.