Pharmaceutical and F&B.

Simultaneously, we are delighted to help a local SME like MFL to upgrade their capacity to provide calibration providers for mass flow meters.’ Mr Teoh Seng Eng, Controlling Director of MFL, said, ‘We are looking towards the new facility. This is a global world class, high capacity, metrologically compliant and ISO17025 certified liquid stream calibration infrastructure, which is specially designed for MFM systems. With our best-in-class infrastructure MFL is better in a position to support Singapore's initiative to put into action mass metering system for bunker and to make available conformity assessment solutions of MFM locally. Through the R&D laboratory with NMC, local businesses like MFL have the ability to contribute towards enhancing the calibration services value chain.’.. A*Superstar NMC opens new liquid circulation metrology lab that delivers key measurement solutions for industries A*STAR's National Metrology Center announced today the opening of a fresh liquid flow metrology lab which will provide key measurement services for industries like coal and oil, pharmaceutical and F&B.CBS 11 contracted a team to randomly swab 10 surfaces on two independent planes. ‘We found roughly 3000 bacteria on this plate,’ said Karen Deiss, a microbiologist from Armstrong Forensic Laboratory in Arlington, Va. ‘The entranceway was kind of filthy.’ Experts found the bacterial range Klebsiella on a tray desk and transferred it to a petri dish to lifestyle it. After being allowed to proliferate in the dish, it found resemble a wet, white blob similar to mold vaguely. ‘It’s really gross looking on the plate,’ Deiss said. The CBS experts declared that the most disgusting tradition; however, was created from a swab taken from in the seat pocket. ‘All the bacterias we generated from this plate were linked to the human being gut,’ Deiss said.