Launches innovative Health@Hand app together with Highmark A.

The intuitively designed app provides members immediate access to thousands of health topics also, such as first aid information covering emergencies, bites and stings, minor injuries and poisonings. Users can search wellness information by topic or by specific symptoms with the A.D.A.M. Sign Navigator, which allows people to search symptoms by just touching a part of the body. With a tap or a swipe just, the Symptom Navigator view could be changed for age and gender, and show relevant sign results for every.Focus more on cardiovascular exercises like operating and biking and at exactly the same time, try to perform some muscle mass building exercises too. But if you cannot handle both intense exercises at once, try to run in a marathon while still doing lifting weights for about 5 times each week. It is always best to combine both cardio exercises and strength training, but make sure not to press them to the severe. That you can successfully build muscle for women, be sure you watch the food that you eat and ensure that you always eat the healthy way, by choosing foods that could build your muscle groups instead of depleting it.