Advocates for SCHIP growth turn to next year as Democrats.

All rights reserved.. Advocates for SCHIP growth turn to next year as Democrats, Republicans disagree more than capability to pass legislation this session Advocates of reauthorizing and expanding SCHIP ‘are warily teaching their eyes on next calendar year with a variety of anticipation and stress and anxiety’ since it seems unlikely that there will be another vote on the legislation through the current congressional program, CongressDaily reviews . Congressional Democrats recently said they’ll not keep a vote on SCHIP legislation this full season, citing an inability to override a promised veto by President Bush . In January, the House fell 15 votes short of overriding Bush’s veto of SCHIP legislation, CongressDaily reports.Secondhand Smoke Associated with Behavior Issues in Kids: – THURSDAY, Oct. 1, 2015 – – Early contact with secondhand smoke may lead to behavioral problems in children, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed data from more than 5,200 primary school college students in France and discovered that those subjected to secondhand smoke while in the womb and/or at a young age were in higher risk for behavioral problems, particularly emotional and conduct disorders. The association was strongest among children subjected to secondhand smoke both during pregnancy and after birth. However, because this was an observational research, the authors can’t say for sure that secondhand smoke caused the behavioral complications. The study was published online recently in the journal PLoS One.