3 Potential Cancer Treatments Tumor is a condition that causes your cells to grow in an instant.

If the cancer has not spread to the areas of the body surgery may permit the entire tumour to be removed and a complete recovery to be produced. However, even with more complex cancers surgery may be a viable option for reducing the undesirable symptoms. If your doctor does suggest surgery there are potential unwanted effects depending upon the type of surgery performed. Consequently, before undergoing this tumor treatment you need to make sure that your doctor discusses it with you thoroughly. 2) CHEMOTHERAPY: – Chemotherapy involves the use of anti-cancer medications to shrink or kill cancerous cells.Eating like a little bird won’t do it either. You need to address things that cause your belly to stick out, and it is not everything you think. Listed below are the 3 reasons why you have a tummy that shines: 1. You are bloated: Your belly is distended because of intestinal gas which has built up and pressing against your abdominal wall. The most common cause of intestinal gas build-up is certainly meals. Mal-absorption and lactose intolerance certainly are a couple of common reasons. Here are a few foods that can cause intestinal gas: * Broccoli, cabbage, kale * Legumes * Dairy * Apples * Salty foods Disturbances in your bowel function such as for example irritable bowel constipation or function can cause it as well.