Today announced it offers selected an optimized Erk inhibitor molecule for development.

Aeterna Zentaris selects optimized Erk inhibitor molecule for further development Aeterna Zentaris Inc. today announced it offers selected an optimized Erk inhibitor molecule for development, thus achieving another essential milestone in the development of a new class of potential malignancy treatments. The MAPK pathway represents a primary target for therapeutic intervention in cancer tumor sildenafil citrate . Recently approved substances demonstrate significant antitumor activities and survival benefits for B-Raf and Mek inhibitors. Erk inhibitors could be preferred agents in tumors with aberrant MAPK pathway activity, e.g. In tumors with mutated or wildtype B-Raf, wildtype or mutated ras, and in tumors with acquired level of resistance to Raf and Mek inhibitors.

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