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Kristine Himmerick, MS, MPAS, PA-C, of Sacramento, Calif., was awarded first place as the author and clinical expert for ‘H1N1 in perspective: The clinical effect of a novel influenza A virus,’ which was published in the December 2009 issue of The Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. JoAnn Deasy, PA-C, MPH, of San Francisco, Calif., placed second mainly because the writer of ‘Antibiotic Level of resistance: The Ongoing problem for effective drug therapy,’ that was released in the March 2009 issue of The Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.But today, the vast majority of what people consume in every spheres of life is owned or controlled by just a handful of powerful corporations, or what authentic vernacular might dub as business fascism. A visible chart circulating on Reddit, for instance, reveals a mere 10 companies control virtually all major meals brands these full times. 90 % of the American mainstream press, according to a recent Frugal Dad infographic, is currently owned by just six companies, as opposed to about 50 back 1983. And the number of major American banks in operation has diminished from about 37 back in the 1990s to simply four today. One might assume that all this consolidating and merging offers taken many years to get where it really is today, but the disturbing reality is that much of it has taken place within days gone by 10-20 years.