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While clinical trials should be authorized in, there is absolutely no such mandate for observational studies. The purpose of the RoPR database is to ensure registries are found in the most efficient manner also to encourage collaboration between sufferers and consumers, health care providers, researchers, analysis funding organizations, public wellness organizations, private health plans, employers, public insurance programs, journal editors, and pharmaceutical and device manufacturers. This project is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act , in February 2009 which is an economic stimulus package that was enacted by the 111th USA Congress.This comes from a study by New York-based Gain access to Markets International Partners, Inc., a leading consulting firm specializing in telecom and It all sectors. ‘This industry has indeed proven to be recession-proof in spite of widespread pain, and is certainly poised for further growth and momentum,’ said Dev Chakravarty, Assistant Manager – Study at AMI-Partners, India. ‘The level of automation within this market is also notable. AMI study indicates that shelling out for IT services and products is likely to rise at an ambitious 20 percent+ growth rate next year.’ With a growing population, greater awareness of medical issues amongst corporate entities and customers, increasing spending power, and a rise in lifestyle diseases, the demand much exceeds the supply for healthcare. ‘At a glance, we are able to see how the entire ecosystem is also evolving,’ notes Chakravarty.