Adult wellness craze for human breasts milk poses risks Like many an Internet craze.

In the U.S., one listing website keeps growing by 700-800 members per month. But doctors say these benefits are bunk and the risks of buying breast milk online are all too real. Within an editorial published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medication, the authors, led by Dr. Sarah Steele of Queen Mary University of London, write that medical claims do not stand up clinically and that raw human milk purchased on-line poses many health threats. Human breast milk is not delivering the nutritional advantage it touts online, Steele told CBS News. Yes, breast milk is filled with nutritional benefits for infants. According to the American Pregnancy Association, breast milk provides the perfect mix of proteins, fats, vitamin supplements and carbohydrates for newborn development.In a strange way, because alcoholic beverages are consumed for recreation and pleasure purposes, they seem to after that have a ‘permit’ to be harmful for health. Mouthwashes, however, are marketed as health products, which thus helps it be very ironic that they could be cancer-causing. But again then, those of us familiar with the workings of standard medicine would be well aware that many of the products and strategies it pushes are in fact dangerous for human health. The Need to Reassess the Use of Alcohol-Containing Mouthwashes According to advertise surveys, mouthwash use is definitely on the up.