Yet a social one aswell.

This is accurate in the African American human population especially, which is vunerable to hypertension particularly. Social and cultural barriers have been found to donate to African American individuals being far more likely than white individuals to have problems with uncontrolled high blood pressure and resulting problems. A new study shows that a storytelling approach-in which recognizable members of a community offer positive messages aimed at managing hypertension through diet plan and medication adherence-may offer a unique opportunity to connect positive disease management choices in a culturally suitable context. Researchers at UMass Medical College, working with colleagues at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital and the University of Alabama at Birmingham have identified one promising approach.Joe Kappock, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis couldn’t overlook this very promising bacterium. The thing that piqued our interest was that organism offers this weird growth habit of making vinegar from ethanol , this means it’s highly resistant to ethanol, which hardly any things develop in, and resistant to acetic acid , which fewer stuff grow in even, Kappock said. Important enzymes in this bug withstand acid in a way virtually all organisms cannot, and we’re trying to answer fully the question: ‘How is usually this enzyme different?’ That reply, Kappock said, could reveal many fresh important insights. Kappock talked about his analysis at the American Chemical substance Society’s Annual Meeting, held Aug. 23-25, 2004, in Philadelphia.