AGA acknowledges partnership of GCF to aid study in gastric.

AGA acknowledges partnership of GCF to aid study in gastric, esophageal cancer The American Gastroenterological Association Research Basis is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Gastric Cancer Foundation to create a new grant to aid research in gastric and esophageal cancer. The AGA Institute will match GCF's dedication of $1.125 million, resulting in a $2.25 million endowment to invest in young investigators whose research will improve the fundamental understanding of gastric and esophageal cancer pathobiology to be able to ultimately prevent or create a cure for these illnesses.Balloon kyphoplasty can be a minimally invasive process of acute vertebral fractures that decreases and corrects the vertebral deformity by inserting expandable balloon tamps and filling it with bone cement. In 2007, 46,000 inpatient kyphoplasty procedures had been performed in the usa, based on the Nationwide Inpatient Sample, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Task coordinated by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. Results were provided today from a report of 149 patients treated with balloon kyphoplasty and 151 individuals treated with nonsurgical treatment.