Effective beginning August 15.

To find out more concerning this revolutionary growing program, visit FoodRising.org. Supply:.. All poultry sales banned in in NC because of bird flu outbreak North Carolina authorities have announced a ban on most product sales of live poultry, effective beginning August 15, 2015. The ban applies to public livestock shows and poultry product sales also, like the poultry exhibit at the North Carolina State Fair, october which traditionally takes place each.The CDC says symptoms develop within a few days of eating contaminated meals typically, and include fever, muscle aches and sometimes diarrhea or various other gastrointestinal symptoms. It can become life-threatening if the bacterias spreads into the bloodstream or infects the central anxious system.

5 Post-festive skin care tips Now that the festive season is behind us, it is time to detox. A festival is nearly incomplete without gorging in snacks and sweets. Once we emerge from the festive mood, it’s time to introspect. Look in the mirror, can you see all of the extra fat under your stomach and chin area.