Caroline Robert.

Efficacy All the analyses of the efficacy end factors reported here were prespecified as per protocol. Patients were implemented for 55 months, with median follow-up times for survival of 21.0 months in the ipilimumab-plus-gp100 group, 27.8 months in the ipilimumab-alone group, and 17.2 months in the gp100-alone group. The median overall survival in the ipilimumab-plus-gp100 group was 10.0 months , in comparison with 6.4 months in the gp100-alone group . The median overall survival in the ipilimumab-alone group was 10.1 months . No difference in general survival was detected between the two ipilimumab groups . Analyses of survival showed that the rates of overall survival in the ipilimumab-plus-gp100 group, the ipilimumab-by itself group, and the gp100-alone group, respectively, were 43.6 percent, 45.6 percent, and 25.3 percent at 12 months, 30.0 percent, 33.2 percent, and 16.3 percent at 18 months, and 21.6 percent, 23.5 percent, and 13.7 percent at 24 months.VAERS statistics as of February are: 21,292 women and males adversely injured, 93 dead; around 1 to 10 percent of the population reporting. 21,292 HPV Vaccine Adverse Accidental injuries on the Wall – asking when will the jingle end? Recently, the mom of a 13-12 months old injured by the vaccine told a SANE Vax member that when she called 1-800 MERCK – the man on the line admitted that not enough clinical trials were executed on Gardasil and that her girl was part of a trial. SANE Vax is outraged by this admission. But this is how Pharma operates with all drugs especially for women. Birth control pills, hormone substitute therapy , and Gardasil are known as the largest uncontrolled experiments in medical history today.