This is shown in a study by Sahlgrenska Academy.

However, we do not know the long term ramifications of routine treatment. We certainly usually do not desire to encourage the elderly to self-medicate with aspirin to avoid dementia,’ she claims. The study group in Gothenburg has now started a follow-up study that will follow the older women for yet another five years.. Acetylsalicylic acid slows decline in brain capacity among older people A daily dose of acetylsalicylic acid equal to a fourth of an aspirin may slow the decline in intellectual capacity among elderly people with high cardiovascular risk.She struggles with type-2 diabetes. As a medical student, eager to help, he combed through his texts and individual encounters looking for ways to keep her healthy. He found quite a few-nothing new or amazing, but more information on established, verified suggestions. He was surprised to learn, however, that although his mother regularly saw a physician, a lot of the standard advice was new to her. She’s a health care provider, he said.