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Abbott Initiates Trial of Next-Generation XIENCE PRIME Drug Eluting Stent Abbott has announced the initiation of SPIRIT PRIME, a clinical trial to review the performance of the company’s next-generation XIENCE PRIME Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System, an investigational device currently, for the treatment of coronary artery disease. Outcomes from SPIRIT PRIME will be used to aid the regulatory filing for XIENCE PRIME in the United States prescription drugs online . The first affected person was enrolled into the SPIRIT PRIME medical trial at Hillcrest INFIRMARY in Tulsa, Okla., by Rajesh Chandwaney, M.D. XIENCE Primary utilizes the same well-studied medication and tested biocompatible polymer as Abbott’s market-leading XIENCE V Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System.

‘AbbVie remains committed to the ongoing advancement of HUMIRA to treat a variety of autoimmune diseases where individuals possess the potential to benefit.’.. AbbVie receives HUMIRA orphan medication designation from FDA for treatment of non-infectious uveitis AbbVie announced today that the U.S. AbbVie is certainly investigating the efficacy and protection of HUMIRA for the treatment of non-infectious uveitis, and the clinical system is in Stage III development. HUMIRA isn’t currently approved to take care of any type of uveitis. Related StoriesCurrent and fresh remedies for AMD: an interview with Dr Alan Cruess, AMD Alliance InternationalCurrent issues in tackling macular degeneration: an interview with Tag Ackermann, AMD Alliance InternationalUveitis is a general term that encompasses many inflammatory eye diseases.