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AVAC welcomes new Global HIV Vaccine Business Scientific Strategic Plan AVAC welcomes the brand new Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan, released today, as a critical document that the field must implement as part of ongoing efforts to really improve coordination, effectiveness and transparency to capitalize on recent advances in AIDS vaccine study quickly. The Plan comes at an essential amount of time in the field. Within the last calendar year, the RV144 Thai vaccine trial proved an AIDS vaccine can be done, which combined with the identification of fresh potent, HIV-particular neutralizing antibodies, provides re-energized AIDS vaccine experts, funders and advocates. This is the most thrilling period in HIV vaccine study in the last three years. As we enter this new era in vaccine and HIV prevention research, researchers, funders and advocates are grappling with both pleasure of scientific breakthroughs and the realities of financing shortfalls.The patient acquired intermittent diarrhea and peripheral-blood eosinophilia that resolved with immunosuppressive therapy; antibiotic therapy was not required. Thus, the medical course in this individual was unique from that in individuals who underwent cord-blood HSCT. Treatment Once other causes of diarrhea were ruled out, all patients received a 10-to-14-day course of antibacterial agents at the discretion of the treating doctors. Nine patients were treated with metronidazole and a fluoroquinolone, including five with ciprofloxacin and four with levofloxacin.