But theyre warning about clinics that force unproven treatments.

6. To be used in treatments, stem cells shall have to be instructed to behave in particular ways. Bone marrow transplantation is normally successful because we are requesting the cells to do exactly what these were made to do: make even more blood. For other conditions, we may want the cells to behave with techniques that are different from how they would ordinarily work in the body. Be skeptical of statements that stem cells will in some way just know where you can go and how to proceed to treat a specific condition. 7. Because stem cells came from your body doesn’t mean they are safe.End-Point Assessments Secondary and Principal end points were assessed in cohorts 1 to 4. The primary end stage was the area beneath the curve for the viral load, as identified with the use of a quantitative RT-PCR assay, that was performed on nasal-clean samples acquired after administration of the first treatment dosage through the end of the quarantine period . Secondary end points were the AUC for the viral load in nasal-clean samples acquired after inoculation through the end of the quarantine period, the full total weight of mucus stated in 5 times after administration of the 1st dosage, and the AUC for the transformation in total symptom scores in diaries that the individuals held after administration of the 1st dose through the finish of the quarantine period.