The Organization

The CLARRDEC Core Group has four working groups, namely: the Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG), Regional Applied Communication Office-Extension Management Group (RACO-EMG), Regional Management Information Service (RMIS) Group and Gender and Development (GAD) Core Group.

The RACO-EMG is the communication and extension arm of the Consortium. It is composed of Extension Directors and Applied Communication Unit Coordinators of member-agencies and is headed by a Coordinator who comes from the base agency. The RACO-EMG is tasked to manage/coordinate the extension/communication component of Consortium activities. It conducts quarterly meeting jointly with the RTWG, RMIS and GAD to coordinate and strengthen technology transfer programs and activities of member-agencies.

One major activity the group will serve is to be part of the Philippine AGricultural Journalists, Inc. (PAJ) The PAJ is a national organization composed of agricultural writers and communicators from mainstream media, information officers and media staff from government and private agencies, and industry associations.

The PAJ aims to promote Philippine agricultural development through media advocacy and excellence in journalism, help improve the communication system for agriculture and food industries in accordance with the ethics and standards of journalism, and help create an atmosphere for better understanding among the stakeholders of agricultural development, specifically the farmers, government, and consumers.

The PAJ board organized the PAJ Central Luzon Chapter. The information officers from BPRE, Central Luzon State University, Agricultural Training Institute, BFAR, Philippine Carabao Center, National Irrigation Administration, and CLARRDEC were part of the said organization. Moreover, PhilRice will serve as the head agency of this group.

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