In its attempt to dissimenate the technologies and valuable information generated or developed by its member-agencies, the RACO-EMG group of CLARRDEC spearheads in the preparation of various publication such as brochures, leaflets, monographs, pamphlets, among many others.

The following publication are available at the CLARRDEC-OSIS for free to interested clientele:


  • Pagtatanim ng mangga
  • Gabay sa pagtatanim ng gabi
  • Gabay sa pagtatanim ng “tissue-cultured” na saging
  • Gabay sa pagtatanim ng kawayan
  • Producing quality seeds from farmers field


  • Pasteurized milk
  • Cheese spread
  • Kesong puti (ginamitan ng rennet & suka)
  • Magtanim tayo ng luya
  • Magtanim tayo ng sibuyas
  • Pang kalusugang gabay sa pag-aalaga ng kambing